The Best Christmas gifts Balenciaga Replica Handbags For Sale Online

Inspired by the Classic City Bags, the tough and rock-style are integrated into these wallets. They are called Balenciaga Replica Handbags.

Balenciaga Replica Handbags

Oh wait, we’ve already featured this wallet last week: Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Money Wallet Details.

The Metallic Edge is giving the Rock-style a further push – it’s taking the design to the next level. The hardware is even more impressive and shiny, especially when you’ve got your eyes on the black version.

It’s adorned with metallic edge corners and the front is featured with a zip pocket. This wallet can store all your cash and credit cards.

If you own the Mini Classic City Bag or the original sized Classic City Bag, OR any motorcycle bag by Balenciaga, this is the perfect-matching Wallet to complete your collection.

Measuring 7.4’ x 3.7’ x 0.8’ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $655 USD, 445 euro via Replica Celine Handbags e-store.